A Medieval Escape Room, “The Quest for the Throne”


Scenario: Solve the Puzzles left by your Father and Claim Your Throne

In a far-away land...a child was born


...the rightful heir to a peaceful Kingdom.


Unfortunately, a few years later his younger sibling was born to the royal couple.  Far from being kind hearted and selfless, the sibling allowed envy and pride to rule in his heart. Hoping to take over the Throne, he drafts an evil plan and brings it to execution.


He manages to banish you from the Kingdom. 


You, the rightful heir to this Kingdom, must disguise yourself and your loyal subjects to break into the castle to obtain the key to the kingdom.


You must prove to be the rightful heir by solving hidden puzzles and riddles that your father, The King, left in place some time ago!


Do you have what it takes to claim your kingdom or will you be caught by the guards and thrown in the dungeon forever?


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