What We Do in Our Room Escape Games

Whether out on a date, spending time with family or feeling adventurous with your friends/ co-workers... Lock 'Em Up Escape Rooms has created a family friendly and exciting Escape Room experience for you and fellow thrill seekers. 

Who Can Play?

You and a group of smarty pants friends, family members or co-workers. Choose your team wisely. This is a great opportunity to lock up your children, lock up your spouse, and lock up your boss... legally! All ages are welcomed but due to the complexity of the puzzles we highly recommend children 10 and up. Minors should always be accompanied by an adult inside the rooms.

What Happens In Our Room Escape Games?

Your main goal is to escape our puzzle rooms working as a team. Unite, don’t fight! During the game, you and your friends must solve puzzles, find hidden messages, open locks, and use props in order to escape.

You have 60 minutes to escape. If you get stuck, just signal the Game Master for a clue!

What We've Created

  • A safe and family friendly experience.

  • The perfect team building adventure for you and your co-workers, family members and friends.

  • Games and room designs that spark the imagination.

  • Puzzles that that kick the gears of your brain into problem solving mode.

  • A fantastic excuse to disconnect from the world, turn off your mobile phones and have fun with the people you care about. 

  • A team of people that aim to make your experience unforgettable.

  • The perfect location for you and your group to have fun before and after your escape room experience.



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