Safe House 


Escape the room you weren't supposed to survive...

It is a beautiful day in spring, and you and your friends decide to go for a hike in the woods.

Everything is going as expected until the dark skies and clouds become more and more threatening. A storm is approaching and you are in the depths of the woods.

Hail, thunder, and lightning come as fast as you could’ve ever imagined.

You all rush into a small cabin, it seems a bit run down but it will keep you safe during the storm for a while.

As you guys are rushing in and during the commotion you end up getting separated from your friends.

You soon realize that this is no ordinary house as you come to find out that this is a criminal’s safe house, one in which booby-traps are lurking in every corner and –what’s worse, there is a deadly gas which will fill up your lungs if you don’t make it out in one hour.

You are not ready to die, you were just enjoying a hike in the woods…  

Do you and your friends have what it takes to defeat this booby-trapped basement?

Or will the deadly gas reign as champion, and take you and your friends as victims?